Attivo Networks' High-Fidelity Deception Platform Aims to Fool Attackers

Deception technologies generally, and Attivo specifically, have seen a significant rise in market profile this year. One reason for the bump is the typical low signal-to-noise ratio of traditional enterprise security systems, which spew tons of data and not nearly enough meaningful, actionable priorities. Attivo's platform is designed to do just that, while touching on important use cases for detection, verification, vulnerability management and analysis, controls and automation, and anti-malware. Potential customers appear to be catching on, recognizing the value of such breadth in the more cautious buying climate that has emerged this year, but we also note two other important benefits, which are attack verification and event prioritization. Attivo's method is eyes-on, as it were, to see and recognize critical behavioral signals among gobs of noise. We expect that network-based deception technologies will continues to rise in terms of relevance as a key adjunct to broad-based layered security, certainly in key verticals, and perhaps extending over the longer term to mainstream use. 

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