Deception: Advantaged Reality for Detection and Defense

Webinar Recording

Listen to Daniel Cummins, Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research, and Carolyn Crandall, Chief Marketing Officer at Attivo Networks, discuss the unique capabilities and value derived from sophisticated deception and simulation platforms. These products adapt and convert attacker behavioral data into vital step-by-step detection, intelligence, and offensive capabilities that can sharpen operational effectiveness. 

Webinar learnings include:

  • New, actionable capabilities and priorities available from deception
  • Platform ROI, interoperability and enhancements to security operations
  • Deception's evolving market profile and near-term adoption outlook

Original Recording Date: February 1, 2017

Additional Resources

Here are some resources that have recently been downloaded by other professionals. 

Introduction to Deception Technology and Attivo Networks

A brief introduction to deception technology and the Attivo Networks Deception and Response Platform