ADSecure Free 30-Day Trial Registration

Thank you for your interest in trialing the Attivo Networks ADSecure Solution. This solution is ideal for organizations using Active Directory as a means to authenticate and authorize users and computers in Windows domain networks.

During this trial you will:

  • Gain visibility to Active Directory attacks, privilege escalation attempts, and attacker lateral movement. This is all done without changing or touching production Domain Controllers.
  • See how ADSecure prevents AD exploitation by hiding real results and returning misinformation that steers an attacker away from the production environment, while raising an alert.
  • Learn how concealment and denial of access plays an important role in reducing the attack surface, altering what an attacker can see, and therefore, what they can do.

Please fill out the following form and a member of the Attivo Security team will contact you to activate your free 30-day trial.

We look forward to sharing how ADSecure provides
the first true protection for Active Directory.

1 Note that trials are limited to individuals that are representatives of a business and
  are part of the organization's security evaluation or authorization process.
2 Other software and program usage terms and conditions may apply.
3 Attivo reserves the right to terminate this promotion without notice and at its sole discretion.