On-Demand Webinar:
Active Directory Exploitation and Defenses for 2021 and Beyond

The issues regarding privilege escalation and lateral movement detection were a highlight of the SolarWinds Congressional hearings and in the news of many recent cyber heists. Compromising Active Directory has been a common element in all of these incidents and should be commanding every CISO’s attention.

Watch this webinar for a lively discussion and to learn:

  • Why Active Directory is the attack vector of choice for 2021 What challenges are associated with protecting AD and how to address them
  • Ways to achieve better insight into AD cybersecurity hygiene and see potential risks
  • What tools can simplify detection of live attacks on AD, without reviewing logs
  • How to find rogue domain controllers, DCSync, DCShadow, and Golden Ticket attacks

The review team here at Cyber Defense Magazine recently put the new Attivo Networks Active Directory solution to the test. We found this new technology particularly interesting, given the laser focus that attackers have had on AD. Special guest, Dr. Peter Stephenson joins the webinar to share the findings from his research report.
*ADAssessor product review starts at 37:13

Carolyn Crandall, Chief Security Advocate & CMO | Attivo Networks
Dr. Peter Stephenson, Director of Products Analysis | Cyber Defense Magazine

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