On-Demand Webinar:
Game Changing Breach Defense by Dramatically Improving Endpoint Security

It’s 2020 and the breaches just keep coming. Hear from Attivo Networks CTO, Tony Cole, in this discussion on how to better protect your endpoints and prevent attackers from moving laterally across your enterprise. Attivo Networks has pioneered a new approach to protecting endpoints with their Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) solution. Designed to serve as a force-multiplier to EPP and EDR solutions, EDN dramatically reduces risk to modern endpoints by efficiently closing detection gaps while providing ongoing visibility.

Tune in to hear about:

  • Perspectives on the Cybersecurity Industry’s State of Affairs
  • Gartner’s, MITRE’s, and NIST’s take on Deception Technology
  • Deception-Based Threat Detection Solutions for Common Security Challenges
  • Partner Technology Integrations that are Serving as a Force Multiplier for Existing
  • Technologies, Processes, and Resource Productivity

Tony Cole, CTO, Attivo Networks
Gary S. Miliefsky, Chairman of the Board, Cyber Defense Media Group