Recorded Webinar:
Would I Lie to You? How Deception is Shaping our Future

Learn how organizations are applying deception and detection techniques to the global fight for information dominance, where they so desperately need an advantage against the adversary. We will look at how a well architected deceptive environment can be used in a tactical manner, to aid awareness, identification, and provide the necessary fidelity around alerts and adversarial movements. In addition learn how we can use deception to monitor the awareness of our attacker, and measure or assess the effectiveness and integrity of our response options.

We take some time to break down the now, the future, the how’s and the where’s OF deception and detection within an enterprise, including the collaboration with Dev, Sec AND Ops.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear why we need to change, what the current landscape looks like, and where we’re heading if we don’t course correct within the overall Information Security industry.

Chris Roberts, Chief Security Strategist | Attivo Networks
Tony Cole, Chief Technology Officer | Attivo Networks