This Webinar has been cancelled:
Deflecting Advanced Attacks to Safeguard the Crown Jewels

Discovering attackers early in the attack cycle is a critical capability for organizations of all sizes and targeted reconnaissance is getting a favorite technique of the attackers. The EDN Deflect function makes every endpoint a part of the deception fabric, obfuscating what they look like from the network to disrupt attackers attempting to move laterally. The Webinar will talk about targeted reconnaissance technique and how Attivo addresses this critical use case followed by a demo.

In the Webinar, you will gain technical insights and a live demonstration on how to:

  • Acquire real-time endpoint visibility on suspicious outgoing and incoming connections.
  • Redirect suspicious connection attempts away from critical assets.
  • Detect and isolate a compromised endpoint.

Date: Thursday, April 15
Time: 11:00am IST/ 1:30pm SST / 4:30pm AEDT
Presenter: Lalan Prasad, Senior Technical Sales Engineer