On-Demand Webinar:
Detecting the Deceivers through Deception

Almost every cyber-attack uses some form of deception to deceive your users. Whether it's spearphishing, a waterhole attack, or most others, attackers typically use a ruse to convince someone to click a link or open an attachment. It's high time we use those same tactics on the adversary when they visit our enterprise. Enterprise deception provides a fabric of fast high-fidelity detection across an enterprise. Now through cutting-edge new capabilities far beyond traditional honeypots deception can sow false information back to our attacking foe. Suddenly their advantage is gone when they can't trust the data they're trying to collect in your environment.

In this session we discuss deception tactics that defenders can use on adversaries to gain fast and high-fidelity detection across an enterprise. Hear why this defensive fight is relevant to companies large and small, regardless of security capability maturity.

Tony Cole, Chief Technology Officer, Attivo Networks
Kevin Fiscus, Principal Instructor, SANS Instititute