On-Demand Webinar:
Disrupting Lateral Movement by Securing Active Directory

A common tactic among advanced threat actors and ransomware attacks today involves leveraging Active Director to move laterally and accomplish their mission. Active Directory data can give attackers credentials, privileges, access, and persistence. Protecting it must be a high priority for any organization.

Active Directory security requires time, resources, expertise, and visibility. Typical best practices focus on limiting privileged accounts, conducting audits, and hardening systems, but these no longer suffice to address advanced attacks. Join this session to explore new options that automate defending AD from compromise to prevent lateral movement. Highlights include:

  • Live detection for attacks targeting Active Directory
  • Attack surface reduction at both Active Directory and the endpoint
  • Continuous visibility to AD changes that introduce new exposures
  • Addressing Active Directory assurance to reduce risks and pass Red team tests

Presenter: Joseph Salazar, Technical Security Analyst | Attivo Networks

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