On-Demand Webinar:
Enhancing OT Deception with Model Driven, High Fidelity Decoys

Recent cyber events have indicated that an increasing risk to our critical infrastructure is present. Protecting these environments from adversarial action is imperative to the livelihood of many people. Traditional informational technology security practices and technologies do not integrate well into operation technology (OT). For this reason, we must deploy novel solutions to address the challenges of defending cyber-physical systems. Defensive deception fits the bill by enhancing defender detection and response and confounding and occupying threats. To address some of the unique challenges presented by deception in cyber-physical systems, two key features are necessary: high fidelity OT focused decoys and model driven behavior and response.

This webinar presents the capabilities developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Attivo Networks collaboration under the Department of Energy Technology Commercialization Fund program to create enhanced deceptions for defense of critical infrastructure OT systems.

Bill Hofer, Cyber Security Engineer, Associate Senior Network Cyber Security | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Tony Cole, Chief Technology Officer | Attivo Networks