Deception as a Security Discipline

Going on the Offensive in the Cybersecurity Battlefield

By Frost & Sullivan, Mike Suby

Cyber-attacks, the core focus of security analysts, are the ever-present wild card and a prominent cause for alert generation. Professional attackers, however, are fully aware that deviation-tripping alerts call attention to their activities and potentially put a stop to them. Therefore, they pattern their activities to minimize detection and cozy up to routine operational behaviors. Even when their activities generate alerts, dressed the same as the crowd of operational- and user- triggered alerts, attackers gain time in the pursuit of their ultimate goal - exfiltrating valuable data. 

Focusing on a means to consistently produce high-fidelity alerts that are unmistakably associated with attackers and malicious insiders, Mike Suby analyzes deception technology and the leader in the category; Attivo Networks. This independent report dives deep into the technology as a solution to the most prevalent problems facing cyber security professionals.

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