Recorded Webinar:
Deception as a Security Discipline for Advanced Threat Detection and Defense

Cybersecurity must change as current approaches are too slow and too incomplete in recognizing the threats that have already set up camp in your systems. This situation is further compounded by technology overload with your IT and security talent treading water in maintaining your vast security infrastructure and having scant time to materially reduce risk. And, your cyber adversaries take no holidays and are vesting more to circumvent whatever "latest and greatest" defensive tool your organization has wedged into your complex security infrastructure.

This makes you ponder: will the addition of deception deliver a bona fide return or is it just the next bright and shining object vying for my security dollars? We believe that deception delivers an effective and efficient defense and will share our rationale in an upcoming webinar.

Webinar learnings include:
  • Insights from Frost & Sullivan Stratecast Report
  • Moving to an assumed breach posture combined with reliable early detection and threat visibility
  • Accelerating response actions to close the gap between compromise and remediation
  • Justifying the budget shift to detection

Original Recording Date: October 12, 2016