Recorded Webinar:
How to Use Deception to Defeat Your Adversaries

About this webinar:

Many organizations are still playing the slow game of chasing after the bad guys. They are trying to make the most of their budget, their tools, but unfortunately, the attacker still has the advantage. Times have changed and there is a better way. A better way to control what happens on your network- the way it should be. Deception-based cyber defenses are powerful tools. They are effective at decreasing dwell time, imposing costs, and otherwise distracting adversaries to give defenders the upper-hand. During this webinar, Geoff Hancock, CEO at the Advanced Cybersecurity Group, and Tony Cole, CTO at Attivo Networks, will discuss how using deception can get you inside the attacker's OODA loop, lead the adversary to make mistakes, and fortify your cybersecurity defenses.

Key Takeaways:
• Background of Denial and Deception and how it applies to the cyber realm
• How the reverse OODA loop works
• How cyber deception is implemented across the strategic, operational and tactical realms.
• Use cases for Healthcare, Energy, IT, Telecom and more
• What impact can deception have in changing the game for defenders long term