On-Demand Webinar:
Hunting Threats with FireEye and Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks® has partnered with FireEye to provide advanced, real-time, in-network threat detection and improve automated incident response to stop active attacks. With the joint solution, customers can review high fidelity alerts based on suspicious activity and gain the intelligence needed to hunt for and isolate other compromised systems based on suspicious activities. Organizations can reduce the time and resources required to detect threats, analyze attacks, and remediate infected endpoints, ultimately decreasing the organization’s risk of breaches and data loss.

Watch this session to learn how:

  • The ThreatDefend platform detects advanced attackers with speed and accuracy
  • The joint solution captures and analyzes advanced malware threats
  • The joint solution accelerates incident response with automated blocking of infected systems
  • The solution collects forensics and develops company-centric threat intelligence

Joseph Salazar, Technical Deception Engineer, Attivo Networks
Rob Ayoub, CISSP Sr. PMM Network Detection and Forensics, FireEye

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