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Cloaking Your Assets to Foil Ransomware Attackers

This year’s resurgence in enterprise ransomware is top of mind for many IT professionals. The latest iterations are more like advanced human-driven attacks than script kiddie attacks. They attempt to evade Anti-Virus and Endpoint Detection and Response systems, copy and exfiltrate critical data as they spread, and then encrypt servers and endpoints.

According to the Australian Information Commissioner Angelene Falk, ‘ The report shows the number of data breaches caused by ransomware rose from 13 in the previous six-month period to 33 between January and June’ – that’s almost triple!

The latest strains of Ransomware like Maze and Netwalker have been running unchecked in Australia and caused some high-profile outages.

Organizations should consider a new approach that doesn’t rely on identifying the ransomware but instead identifies the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures it (or indeed any attacker) uses. The solution presents alternative Users, Systems, Applications, Networks, and Data (assets) to the attacker whilst cloaking the real data, storage systems and the credential used to access them - taking them out of the attack path.

An attacker can not delete or steal the data they can’t see and access.

Jim Cook, Regional Director ANZ, Attivo Networks
Vlado Vajdic, Senior Engineer ANZ, Attivo Networks