White Paper:
Distributed Deception Platforms for Automating Incident Response

The Attivo Networks ThreatOps Solution enables accelerated incident response capabilities through numerous third-party integrations, automating attack data correlating, and incident response action. By integrating with SIEMs, firewalls, NAC solutions, endpoint isolation, and even enterprise search for threat hunting, ThreatOps extends the value of existing solutions already in the environment. Through the automation of attack data correlation, attack scoring is applied and can be used for playbook creation. Additionally, automation capabilities, coupled with built-in collaboration functions, make processes repeatable, ease coordination with other departments, while establishing historical records and playbooks to enhance training.

In this white paper you will learn more about:

  • Incident scoring and playbooks for repeatable processes
  • Automatic quarantine and attack blocking with 3rd party integrations
  • Threat hunting through Attivo and NAC integration