Recorded Webinar:
An Insiders Blueprint to Deception and Medical Device Security

Tony Cole, CTO at Attivo Networks, Joe Coleman, Army Combat Veteran and Cyber Threat Intelligence Manager at Trinity Health and Bill Ender, Board Member and Advisor at multiple healthcare providers engage in a discussion on how deception technology is actively solving unique cyber challenges faced by healthcare organizations.

This interactive and informative webinar will dive deeper into the following topics:
  • Recent changes in health IT risk management and adaptations required to balance integrated services and security
  • Moving to a balanced focus on prevention and detection to reduce the impact of breaches 
  • The role of deception technology in reducing IT risk
  • Institution, advisory, and leadership perspectives on medical device security challenges, offerings, and vendor collaboration
The session provides a business level overview of real-world healthcare challenges and will explore why deception technology is being utilized by healthcare organizations of all sizes for its efficiency in detecting advanced threats from all attack vectors and across all attack surfaces.