Deception for Speeding Up Your OODA Loop

Join Matt Devost, CEO & Co-Founder of OODA LLC. and Tony Cole, CTO of Attivo Networks for an in-depth discussion on cyber deception and how it plays into the OODA loop, the cycle of observe–orient–decide–act.

Attackers and defenders may not realize it however both operate within an OODA loop where in a world without deception attackers are able to close their OODA loop because they know when an objective was accomplished, whereas cyber defenders are not always able to close their decision loop as they could be making decisions with incomplete information.

In this session, you will learn how deception introduces false certainty into the attackers OODA loop and can cause them to engage in visible actions prematurely which allow for quick identification.  Discussions will explore deception as a means for detection and interruption throughout the kill chain and how to disrupt attacker

  • Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance
  • Decisions
  • Actions: During an actual compromise and actions based upon the compromise itself