Point-of-Sale System Attacks

The Role of Early Detection for Breach Prevention

This report documents the discovery of serious security vulnerabilities at work in the nation's largest point-of-sale (POS) systems. In the last ten years there have been over 1,350 breaches made public within retail and business organizations. In 2016 alone, high profile breaches from Wendy's, Eddie Bauer, Vera Wang, and Omni Hotels have shaken these companies and left impacted customers angry and frustrated. 

This report explains why the infrastructure behind and inside POS systems and devices is vulnerable, the anatomy of attacks against them, and how undetected attack malware can extend communications with an attacker's Command-and-Control points enabling them to feed a constant and varied flow of new malware actions and commands to exfiltrate data. It will also detail why these attacks can stay undetected on average for over 5 months and why 4 out of 5 attacks are detected by 3rd parties versus immediately provide visibility and protection against these new threats.

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