On-Demand Webinar:
How To Reduce Remote Worker VPN Risk

With the dramatic increase in remote workers, traditional network protections such as web filtering, firewalls, or IDS/IPS are not always reliably available. It has also become harder to pinpoint the source of an attack, such as a rogue Active Directory query from a compromised host or network reconnaissance of systems on VPN. Plus, users are accessing corporate networks and SaaS applications with unmanaged systems that are creating additional opportunities for attackers to exploit.

Watch this webinar to hear how deception-based threat detection solutions are adding a safety net of early and accurate threat detection for VPN environments. Not reliant on pattern matching or prior baselines, you will hear how deception equips defenders with the ability to quickly identify attacker network discovery, MitM activity, VPN and SaaS credential theft, as well as AD reconnaissance.

Srikant Vissamsetti, SVP Engineering, Attivo Networks
Carlo Beronio, Director Sales Engineering, Attivo Networks