Dynamic Deception for Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Building a comprehensive security strategy for the real-time, actionable detection of a cyber attack

With SCADA systems becoming increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated and persistent hackers, current security solutions no longer offer the protection needed to defend against a cyber attack. An effective strategy to secure your SCADA network is to take a defense-in-depth approach with deception technology.
Deception is a different and highly effective solution for protecting SCADA environments. Since it does not rely on knowing the attack signatures or patterns, it does not need to monitor all traffic to look for suspicious behavior. Deception also does not require software to be loaded or maintained on the SCADA device. Instead, deception is used to confuse, delay, and redirect the enemy by incorporating ambiguity and by misdirecting their operations.
To learn more about how the Attivo Networks BOTsink technology can protect your SCADA network, download the white paper. 

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