Use Case:

Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) Suite Use Cases

Now more than ever, it is critical for organizations to protect their endpoints and prevent attackers from spreading throughout the network. Most will use various forms of Endpoint Protection Platforms and Endpoint Detection and Response solutions to defend endpoints from attacks. The Attivo Networks® Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) suite provides capabilities that complement these existing endpoint security solutions. It achieves this by ambushing attackers at the endpoint, detecting them early in the attack cycle, and denying their lateral movement.

 The EDN suite creates an environment where every endpoint becomes a decoy, designed to disrupt an attacker’s ability to break out and further infiltrate the network. It does this without requiring agents on the endpoint or causing disruption to the regular endpoint or network operations. The solution’s ability to collect forensic data on all attack activity gives organizations company-centric adversary intelligence to enhance their security posture and strengthen defenses. Fill out the form to read through a few use cases that highlight the capabilities that the EDN suite provides.