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State of Ransomware: Invest Now or Pay Later

Ransomware gangs are increasingly brazen. According to an analysis from blockchain research firm Chainalysis, the total value of ransomware paid in cryptocurrency was $600 million in 2020. It will likely surpass that number in 2021 when the final tally is done. Those scenarios mirror the results of a survey CyberRisk Alliance’s Business Intelligence Unit conducted in January 2022. Many organizations continue to struggle ferociously with ransomware and attackers have a clear edge today.

Among the study’s key findings:

  • 43% of respondents suffered at least one ransomware attack during the past two years. Among them, 58% paid a ransom, 29% found their stolen data on the dark web, and 45% suffered financial losses.
  • Exploitable vulnerabilities accounted for the most common initial infection point (63%), followed by privilege escalation (34%), credential exfiltration (32%), and averse mapped shares (25%).
  • Companies are not taking the threat lying down: 62% will increase ransomware protection spending in 2022.

The only way organizations can win at this game is to harden their systems enough to avoid being successfully attacked in the first place. Learn more about the state of ransomware in this research report conducted by CyberRisk Alliance.