Attivo Networks DataCloak Innovations for Hiding Data and Denying Access to Attackers

Despite layers of security, attackers are still successfully breaching organizations and gaining access to critical data to steal intellectual property or extort with ransomware demands. Given the APT-style tactics that attackers are using, they can take valuable IP and command massive payments from their victims. Businesses are now paying more than 50% of the time as they frantically attempt to secure their data and restore operations. There are detection gaps in every security control that tries to stop them, and the attackers know these well. It’s time to change the game.

New Attivo innovation delivers the ability to hide and deny access to the data that attackers are seeking – from files, folders, removable storage, and cloud and network shares to the Active Directory information they need to gain privileges. It is unlike any other security control that cybercriminals have seen before, and it is sure to derail their efforts and stop them in their tracks.

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