Recorded Webinar:
Discussion on Deception

As cyber-attacks continue to increase in complexity and frequency, organizations are forced to take a hard look at their security infrastructure's ability to detect, stop, and remediate all forms of cyber-attacks. Current approaches are often unreliable, validating the need for in-network detection of attackers that have bypassed other security controls. A new approach is clearly needed. Gartner, Inc. recently identified the top 2017 security technologies to consider for detecting in-network threats. Deception technology is recognized as one of these technologies based on its efficiency in detecting modern day threats.

In this webinar recording you will learn more about defending against vs. reacting to cyber-attackers and why deception technology has been chosen by the military, sports teams, and now the cybersecurity industry for its effectiveness in outsmarting and outmaneuvering the opponent. This webinar is vendor neutral. 

Better to Defend than React
Patrick Gray, Cybersecurity Strategist, former FBI Special Agent, former Manager, X-Force Ops at ISS, Homeland Security Professional and US Marine

Deception for Defense in Depth
Joseph Salazar, US Army Reserves Major (retired), Military Intelligence and Cybersecurity Officer

Original Recording Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2017