Recorded Webinar:
Deception Technology: Changing the Game on Modern-day Attackers (In Collaboration with FS-ISAC)

Despite millions spent by financial institutions on security controls, sophisticated attackers are penetrating defenses. Current controls are proving unreliable and an evolving attack surface is compounding the problem.  A shift in approach is needed to go beyond compliance and effectively mitigate breach risk.

Learn how deception technology is closing the detection gap and reducing attacker dwell time. The discussion will cover the role of a deception-based active defense and how high-fidelity alerts are providing actionable incident response.

This engaging and interactive webinar will dive deeper into the following topics:
  • Deception for advanced threat detection and closing the detection deficit
  • Why deception works where other technologies fail
  • Customer case studies on how institutions are using deception for early detection and response