Real-World Detection Alerts

Attackers have successfully used deception tactics to breach networks for years. They masquerade as employees, using deceptive measures and stolen credentials to infiltrate a network, remaining undetected for lengthy periods of time. Deception technology shifts power back to the defenders with the ability to deceive and misdirect an attacker into revealing themselves. This is achieved without false positive alert fatigue and the burden of operational overhead associated with traditional detection methods. 

Hear from Robert Crisp, VP of Field Technical Operations as he walks through a number of real-world detection alerts identified through Attivo Networks deception technology, such as network, credential, insider, Active Directory, Man-in-the-Middle, ransomware, 3rd party, and even remote worker-based attacks.

Watch the full webinar to hear from three of our customers on why they adopted deception technology: Customer Experiences in Real-World Deception Deployments

Sarah Ashburn, SVP of Sales & Customer Success, Attivo Networks
Robert Crisp, VP of Field Technical Operations, Attivo Networks