The Role of Deception Technology in Security Penetration Testing

White Paper

Whether penetration testing is driven by compliance or as part of standard security resiliency testing, it plays a vital part of an organization’s defenses, especially in today’s era of high-pro le breaches. In 2017, there has been an unrelenting stream of headline news highlighting over 2,000 successful security breaches. Given the growing sophistication and frequency of attacks, organizations, now more than ever, need to evaluate the effectiveness of their defenses and quickly identify and close gaps that attackers can exploit. A Red Team penetration test against a Blue Team defense plays an instrumental role in identifying weaknesses in security infrastructure and security processes.

This white paper will dive deeper into the following topics:

  • The role of deception in penetration testing
  • Why Attivo is preferred by organization's blue teams
  • Features of the ThreatDefend™ Deception and Response platform
  • Examples of red team tests conducted within the Attivo Networks Research Lab 

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