Analyst Research Report
Cyber Risk Alliance 2022 Zero Trust Research

Despite all the hype surrounding zero trust over the past few years, one might expect that most organizations would be in the advanced stages of implementing it. However, deployment has been slowed by an ongoing struggle to fully comprehend the elements that embody zero trust and how to put all the pieces together.

But increased attacks find respondents open to the basic zero trust concept in giving them a fighting chance against stealthy attackers in the coming months, although implementation portends to be an uphill challenge for many without the knowledge, budget, management support, and prioritization focus.

Among the key findings:

  • Zero trust is still a vague concept for most.
  • Management support and budget limitations are hindering zero trust adoption, at least in the near term.
  • Ransomware attacks and remote worker risks drive current and planned zero trust strategies.
  • 2023 may be the year for zero trust.

What do champions do to stay ahead of zero trust? Find out in this report.