Solution Brief:
Ransomware Mitigation

Ransomware has become progressively more advanced. Criminals are moving beyond simple system exploits to using APT-like tactics and techniques to conduct reconnaissance, escalate privileges, and move laterally to find high-value targets, such as production databases, Active Directory controllers, and other critical assets. By encrypting these essential services and waiting until they have a widespread presence in the network, the threat actors can demand higher amounts, and organizations are forced in many cases to pay or suffer extensive recovery efforts and costs. Median ransomware payments have increased by around 150% at the beginning of 2020, showing no sign of slowing or stopping. Organizations must take a different approach to thwart these more aggressive and destructive attackers. The Attivo Networks Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) ransomware mitigation functions arm security teams with the defense they need to detect and derail both common and advanced ransomware attacks quickly.

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